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Episode 1: Welcome to the APAOG Podcast

Episode #2 APAOG Origins

Episode #3 Mapping the Menstrual Cycle

Episode #4 Dr. Papanicolaou and the History of the Pap Smear

Episode #5 Sexually Transmitted Infections

Episode #6 Sit Down with Sharon Girard

Episode #7 Fibrocystic Breast Changes vs Fibroadenomas

Episode #8 Delightful discussions with Diane Bruessow PA-C

Episode #9 Contraceptives: Part 1

Episode #10: Contraceptives Part 2

Episode #11: Insightful Session with Shantae Rodriguez

Episode #12: My Sugar Baby- An Overview of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Episode #13 PCOS aka Stein-Leventhal Syndrome

Episode #14 APAOG Season 1 Finale



Welcome Back to Season 2 of the APAOG Podcast

Getting to know MFM with PA-C Nicole Patton

Exploring the Ins and Outs of Endometriosis

Whole Women Wellness with WPSI

Managing Menopause and understanding “The Change”

Prenatal Genetic Testing with Patti Winters

More than the Blues: A review of Peri and Postpartum Mood Disorders

More than the Blues: Interview with Pec Indman

Barriers to Baby Making: a Discussion on Infertility

OBGYN Fellowship Programs: Atrium Health

OBGYN Fellowship Programs: Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Case Study: Post Menopausal Bleeding

A is for Abortion

First Person perspective, an Abortion Provider in America

Season 2 Finale


Welcome Back! Season 3 of the APAOG Podcast

Learning about Leakage: A comprehensive review of urinary incontinence

More Than Just Kegels: A review of pelvic floor PT with Lily Dawson